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Then the screen tosses two more words our way: “AS HEROES.” Oh, okay. No one has set up a human zoo and is treating human beings as trained beasts.

They’re just misusing the word “hero.” Relatively speaking, that’s not so disgusting. Even the show uses terminology that suggests it is trying to pummel you!

We begin with a montage of Idols past, capturing the moments when they each triumphantly returned to the narrow-minded Podunk from whence they crawled; now having conquered the world, they make the Doubting Thomases of these backwater ignoramus farms weep at the prospect of touching the hem of an American Idol’s garment.

The scene shifts to the present-day, and we see our current hopefuls, bursting with promise! The screen hurls portentous words in our fat faces: “TONIGHT THEY NEED YOUR VOTES TO SEND THEM HOME.” Oh my God, I knew it! The producers of have set up some sort of human zoo, and they force their captives to perform under pain of torture, or worse!

Neither of these metaphors seems to resonate with Scotty.

Jimmy Iovine says he couldn’t think of a better fit than Scotty Mc Creery and Lady Gaga, which elicits big off-camera laughs from someone who gets basic sarcasm!

I would also like to include this screen cap of what I believe is a nightclub bouncer who has a hard time leaving his work at the office. As he puts it, “Everyone’s got their way of doing things.” Notice his use of the singular. Although maybe they spoke too soon, because when Lauren walks out on to the stage, I’ve just seen a g-g-g-g-ghost! ME: Even a silly song like this requires more maturity to sing than Lauren has at 16. Lo saw, but I saw a kid trying to sex herself up, and I felt kind of embarrassed for her. I need you to say you were just kidding and the show is over. When we return, Ryan’s in the audience and chats with Mike Stoller. This is a great way to scare the elderly into putting you in their wills; you “exorcise” the kid-ghost and you are their hero! Lady Gaga wants James to move his hips and goes so far as to move them for him, putting her hands on them and forcing him to move them back and forth. I’m sure James’s wife, watching at home, is chuckling fondly at this, all while fashioning diapers from long-empty cereal-box liners.

He is asphyxiating a high it makes me nervous, because he only ever goes higher.

His patterns are as predictable as the tides themselves.

I believe there’s some rule among dirtbags that proscribes the wearing of a band’s shirt to that same band’s concert; I don’t know what happens when you wear a band’s shirt and cover that band’s song. ME: As James is called upon to sing more and more, his limitations become ever more apparent. Ryan brings all the contestants out for awkward purposes.

The dirtbag version of the Hague might need to be consulted. Any time he is not singing a straight-up metal or lite-metal song, he sounds very “wedding band.” I am not looking forward to the next few Jamestravaganzas. Lo and says the song didn’t suit Haley as an artist. Haley seems bummed out by the critique and tells Randy, essentially, ! He asks the judges who did well the first round, and Randy says it was a tie between Scotty, James, and Lauren.

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Randy says it was a perfect song choice for Scotty and for the country today, and Scotty is ready for superstardom! I’m not certain that they even pronounced “Sheryl” correctly.

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