Speed dating st paul

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Speed dating st paul

I went to their Friday night City event on the recommendation of my work colleague who'd met his girlfriend there.

I was a bit nervous but after a bit of dutch courage i relaxed and me and my friends ended up having a fun night and shared a couple of bottles of wine together.

He persevered in his explanation of the situation he and allowed you to fully participate in the event where you met a large number of people and later used our online matching system.

Attending a speed dating event requires all participants (a group of 40 people) to be willing to accept the direction of the host or it simply cannot work.

Unfortunately there are a few lesser speed dating organisers in London that can't deliver on what they promise.

Hope you are feeling spontaneous again an can join us for another event soon!

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We had our first date a few weeks after, started dating and 4 years later we got married!

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