Soso dating love az

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Soso dating love az

Sincerely, Arizona is a FREE extended epilogue of what happens after Arizona and Carter realize they they are so much more than best friends with different chromosomes and that they DO belong together.3.5 - 4 ★'s First off, I'd just like to thank WGW for writing this epilogue for Carter and Arizona.

We could have lived without one but things were oh, so better with one! Carter and Arizona are working things out and telling all their secrets.

The most important thing for you all to know is that Carey and I love each other so so much.

Arizona and Carter are now an item and not just-friends.

On Wednesday (February 20), a day after Pink's rep confirmed that the singer and Carey Hart, her husband of two years, have separated, Pink wrote a note about the split on her Web site. "I wanted to reach out personally to all my fans/friends out there in the world.

First and foremost, thank-you for all of your support and love, it means a lot to me right now.

*sigh Sincerely, Arizona is the epilogue of Sincerely, Carter. It was a very beautiful HEA and I couldn't ask for more!

Click On The Color Splashes To Join Me ;) “I’ve been in love with you for damn-near my entire life, and the only regret I have is that I didn’t realize it sooner.” That was such a lovely epilogue!!

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  1. Being a borderline 36B/36C I admit I felt a little cheated, since it's not my fault... Is all this commotion over breasts because they're considered an erogenous zone??? Is it that you think he's considering the pleasure those breasts might give him before he even knows you?