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The mother-of-three has emotionally revealed she feared she was going to die and thought of her family as the beast mauled her in a ten-minute ordeal.

Krause was last heard from when he sent a message from his Beechcraft 17 1900C plane (pictured) to a control tower in the small island country of São Tomé, saying he was nine miles from its shore.Trump mocked Rubio during the presidential campaign as a 'total choke artist' for his own water incident.But the president himself got thirsty in the middle of a speech at the White House.Choking back tears, ousted Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Jody Warner told reporters she was sorry for the language she used and for embarrassing her employer - but insisted that she never touched Shaun Platt.The 32-year-old woman also claimed that the route the Uber driver took on Friday to take her home made her feel 'uncomfortable.; Through most of the Queen and Prince Philip's 70-year marriage, rumours of his alleged affairs have been rife.

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One of the women said to make an impression on the royal was Penny Romsey (pictured left together in 1975).

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