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According to the BBC, 50 percent of South Korean women in their 20s have now had cosmetic surgery. Once recruited, future idols sign agreements known as “slave contracts,” which can last over a decade, limiting their contact with the outside world and offering piddling compensation in return.Trainees live in dormitories where they’re taught to sing and dance, told what to eat, when to date (single performers are more attractive to fans) and how to behave.Despite these signs that things are trending liberal, critical fans would do well to consider whether K-pop’s feminist coming of age is, like everything else about it, merely fabricated.Girl power is chic, but when an industry like this one commodifies feminism, one has to wonder where the power goes.Others, like Yezi and IU, are moving in the other direction.

It’s weird because of you.” No doubt this is a message directed at the public, and the industry.Interestingly, fans directed most of their anger not at the male hosts but at the stars, who both subsequently left KARA. When Kim Hee-chul, member of the boy band Super Junior, claimed he was the most handsome member of his band, fans found it amusing.Yet when they discovered Sulli had written in her diary, , “I think I’m pretty but I don’t get why other people think so too,” many people virulently attacked her.The hosts then demanded that her bandmate, Kang Ji Young, make coquettish faces for them.When she declined, host Kim Gura shouted at her and, eventually, she too began to cry.

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These last two details are crucial, because in a highly Confucian society like Korea, when chat forums start to ring with rumors that a female pop star is dating or that she has acted impertinently, that’s the knell of her career.

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