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Several links to additional files were included within the comments that included two text files that listed additional file names that were said to be coming in a subsequent leak of information from the Sony network.

The Beginning (November 24) Second Round of Leaks (December 3) The Analysis Game (December 4) The Next Chapter (December 5) The Analysis Continues (December 7) Fifteen Days Under Siege (December 8) Reality and the Blame Game (December 9) My Life At The Company, Part 1 (December 10) Another Day, Another Email Spool (December 10) Celebrity Gossip and Hacking Back (December 11) Debates, Goliath, and Apologies (December 12) My Life At The Company, Part 2 (December 13) GOP at Christmas, Part 2 (December 14) Cyber Insurance, Copyright, Parody (December 15) Lawsuits, Terror, War, and we hope Hyperbole (December 16) Leaks, Blame Game Redux, and Caving In (December 17) Attribution is Hard, the Guessing Game, and Perspective (December 18) Proportional Response, Fallout, and Politics (December 19) Attribution Dilemma Continues and Weekend Roundup (December 21) Holidays, A Time To Reflect (December 26) Ex-Sony Employees, Russia, NK, Anonymous, and Sanctions (January 5th) Insurance Claims, Money and Pranks (January 6th) Attribution, Someone Is Wrong, and Lulz! (February 22nd) Sony; A Year After the Hack (February 18, 2016) On November 25, a new chapter was added to the chronicles of data theft activity.

By this point, Sony executives had confirmed the leaked data was authentic.

The mainstream media was coming to grips with the ordeal, exploring ideas on the ramifications, and the resulting fallout.

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Within hours of the upload, MEGA removed all links to the data.

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