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A little sceney to crack the top ten, but it’s wonderful, and there’s a back room that’s nice for unplanned A draw for out-of-towners (as in, those who don’t live blocks from this spot) is the food — from baked-ziti nights to Texas barbecue (the kitchen’s home to a top-of-the-line smoker).

But locals pile in even on Mondays when food isn’t available to watch sports and chat with bartenders who might buy pizza to share with The Duck was founded by Tom Mc Neil (of Village Idiot fame).

Stop by after eight some night, buy a duct-tape wallet with a cartoon Rudy’s pig from the man selling them at the end of the bar, then split your pitcher outside or in one of the booths upholstered with bright-red If it’s quiet, the bartender might offer a light to a book-toting woman at the bar to read by.

That’s usually not the case — there are DJs; it’s often so crowded the bar is five deep — but the super-efficient bartenders will really try to take care of patrons.

Both have small, unmanicured yards, and both boast devoted barflies who share gossip and secrets over cheap shots. Marks takeout spot to meet a cadre of The live-music dive is more rare than you’d think, making century-old Hank’s and its flame-painted exterior a treasure for local bands and country lovers.

The ceiling is strung with Christmas lights, the fixtures pasted with band stickers; the bar-stool seats are cracking.

(Rufus Wainwright once told this magazine how he would frequent this gay bar in the mid-’90s.) Eastern Bloc, this is not — there’s little dancing, a jukebox instead of DJs, no constant reel of porn; it’s more like a place to come down from that nearby rowdy spot while playing Not often named among revered Greenpoint dives — Call Box, Irene’s — but what’s not to love?

Become a regular to earn a “Beer Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Jimmy’s opened in 1971 and has served cheap beers to sports fans since.

The namesake owner used to run a nearby boxing gym, which explains the poster of Muhammad Ali.

Seventy-something Lucy Mickevicius, who has been known to doze off in the wee hours, serves PBRs to people playing at one of the two pool tables or Tinder-dating at mismatched tables.

The bar usually closes for a spell once a year when Lucy visits her native Part of the dwindling number of bars serving at 8 a.m., International shares an owner with Coal Yard down First Avenue.

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These are the 50 — yes, 50 — bars that do it If you’re looking for that elusive guaranteed good time — meeting your new best friend who’s been drinking since noon, hearing stories from the bartender about being a session drummer for Blondie — 60-year-old Billymark’s won’t let you down.

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