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Archaeological dating of grave headstones

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Originally, a tombstone was the stone lid of a stone coffin, or the coffin itself, and a gravestone was the stone slab that was laid over a grave. The stele, as they are called in an archaeological context, is one of the oldest forms of funerary art.Larger cemeteries may require a discrete reference code as well to help accurately fix the location for maintenance.The cemetery owner, church, or, as in the UK, national guidelines might encourage the use of 'tasteful' and accurate wording in inscriptions.

A cemetery may follow national codes of practice or independently prescribe the size and use of certain materials, especially if in a conservation area.

The information on the headstone generally includes the name of the deceased and their date of birth and death.

Such information can be useful to genealogists and local historians.

Some may limit the placing of a wooden memorial to six months after burial, after which a more permanent memorial should be placed.

Others may require stones to be of a certain shape or position to facilitate grass-cutting by machines, or hand-held cutters.

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Since the invention of photography, a gravestone might include a framed photograph or cameo of the deceased; photographic images or artwork (showing the loved one, or some other image relevant to their life, interests or achievements) are sometimes now engraved onto smooth stone surfaces.

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